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It was intended as a gift for Catherine the Great; Royal Copenhagen has produced hand-painted pieces of "Flora Danica… Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. Flora Danica porcelain soup tureen. Hand molded porcelain floral details with hand gilding and hand-painted botanical illustrations. Blue wave and printed green marks along the underside. The Latin names of the specimens depicted are inscribed along the underside of the tureen.The story of Flora Danica porcelain begins in an unexpected place--with the publication of Interestingly enough, Royal Copenhagen has already used this exact illustration on a previous Flora Danica piece, see here. It was then used with the correct species name in their catalog. Example 2 will focus on the 'pansy' or 'stedmoderblomst' design, also shown above in the photo from the 2012 brochure.

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The scent was launched in 1980 Stockholms Auktionsverk Online 895431. ROYAL COPENHAGEN, Flora Danica, assiette, målad polykrom och förgylld dekor, modellnummer 3550, Lychnis dioica L.alba, diameter 22. Hem. Pictured left: An artist working on a Flora Danica Ice Dome. 60 years went by before yet another Flora Danica Service was made at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. The occasion was the Danish Princess Alexandra’s wedding to the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII of England. ROYAL COPENHAGEN, Flora Danica, chokladkopp med fat, målad polykrom och förgylld dekor, modellnummer 3512, Gentiana sp. Oed, koppens höjd 6,5 cm, fatets Hem Aktuellt Flora Danica is a comprehensive atlas of botany from the Age of Enlightenment, containing folio-sized pictures of all the wild plants native to Denmark, in the period from 1761 to 1883.

Royal Copenhagen Retail Pricelist  Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica dinnerware including twelve plates, one platter and covered tureen. Plates 1.25" High by 10" Diameter Platter 1.37" High by  28 Feb 2017 War. Diplomacy. Royal backstabbing.

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Read the story. 26 Oct 2016 Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Porcelain Dinner Service 1992-1993.

CHOKLADKOPP med FAT samt ASSIETT, porslin - Lot-Art

Royal copenhagen flora danica

Actual: 1790 - 1960. World-famous Flora Danica is considered one of the most luxurious porcelain patterns ever produced, and is one of the oldest patterns still in production. From the late 19th century the Flora Danica were marked with the name of the Latin flower in black; the Royal Copenhagen hallmark and the pattern and form number Antique Flora Danica ca.

Kaffekopp Flora Danica Royal Copenhagen. Klubbat belopp. 2 600Köpare: 159. Utrop: 500  Se BILDER - och läs recensioner av ROYAL COPENHAGEN STOCKHOLM och andra restauranger! Royal Copenhagen Stockholm: Att måla en Flora Danica  Royal Copenhagen, Flora Danica, cremekopp, lock med polykrom blomsterdekor​.
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Royal copenhagen flora danica

Flora Danica is the only service from Royal Copenhagen, which is yet mainly used by the royal houses and wealthy individuals. Each part is so unique and difficult  A Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica ice cream dome and stand date codes for 1953-54. Decorated with a botanical specimen, identified in Latin to the underside,  2.149,00. 1147126.

#中国 #日本 #韩 … Royal Copenhagen, Flora Danica Butter Pat 3", Limited Edition: $1,170.00 : Item# 1019030RC: Size: W: 3" D: 3" Hold an item of Flora Danica porcelain and you hold a little bit of Danish history in your hand.
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Flora Danica av Royal Copenhagen Eau de Cologne 2oz

Nyskick. Flora Danica was commissioned by Crown Prince Frederik on behalf of king Christian VII of Denmark for creation at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. According to tradition the service was intended as a gift for the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, an enthusiastic collector of porcelain.

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KAFFEKOPPAR med FAT, ett par, porslin. "Flora Danica

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Plate Dish 8 5/8" No 735/3546. Gentiana Nivalis L. Flora Danica is only produced to order. A beautiful, prestigious pattern, each porcelain piece is handpainted with a perfectly realistic representation of a flower from Denmark based on 18th century copper plate illustrations.